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An archive of news stories from Newington Green Primary School

Year 6 Transition

If any Parents/Carers would like support in completing the online application please speak to Parul Monnan or Donna Shah as they will be holding drop in sessions every Monday at 9.30am. Please ensure when coming for support you bring in a utility bill such as…

Reception Admissions

Parents/Carers in Nursery please remember to complete your  online admissions form for a Reception class place in Sept 2016 before 15th January 2016. Parul Monnan our Home School Worker is happy to help fill in the forms, if help is needed.  

Year 2

In Geography, Year 2 are looking at food from around the world. Pine and Maple class children need to collect as much empty food packaging as possible. Please make sure jars and containers are clean and in reasonable state for the children to use in their lessons….

Sports Day

Well done to all the children who participated in sports day. KS1 were enjoying their events until bad weather brought an early end to their day. Fortunately, the weather brightened up and KS2 were able to complete all of their events and had a fantastic…


Congratulations to the 39 children with 100% attendance who were invited to watch Ketsy’s Young Magicians last Monday. Ash and Palm class were also invited as they have been the best attended class for this academic year. Ash class achieved 98.3% and Palm class 97.2%….

Summer Holidays

Dear Parents, I am writing to wish you a wonderful summer holiday with your families. Please remember that school starts back on Thursday 3rd September and we look forward to welcoming you back for the beginning of a new academic year! Warm regards, Abi This week children have…