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December 2019


Year 3 children have been making guitars to go with the Christmas songs they’re doing. Everyone in the class has one.

A Christmas story from New Unity

You don’t need to believe in God or miracles to celebrate and be inspired by the messages of Christmas. Each year, we celebrate the story of Jesus’ birth as symbolic of all that’s hopeful and good about the natural world and the potential of humankind.Whatever…

Term Time Holidays

Reminder term time holidays are not authorised. Should you choose to take your child away during term time or return late back to school after a school holiday you maybe liable to incur a Penalty Notice issued by the local authority. This could cost you…

Unavoidable absence

On the occasions of ‘unavoidable absence’ e.g. illness or medical appointments you are requested to inform the school office on 0207 254 3092 by 9am on the first day of absence. Parents who do not follow this protocol will therefore be contacted by Parul (Home…


This week, we have given out 402 Golds and 523 Silvers. Well done to all those who have learnt and behaved fantastically this week!