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Partnership with Roehampton University

In 2014 Newington Green began a partnership with Roehampton University.

We brokered a unique agreement (among the first in the country) which has reciprocal benefits for both Roehampton and ourselves.

During the academic year Newington Green hosts a minimum 3 student placements which ensures placements for Roehampton students in a supportive training environment.  We are well placed to support students as we have excellent systems in place for professional development, and for supporting staff.

Roehampton ensure all students placed at Newington Green are their top performers, who are specially selected because of their potential to be outstanding teachers.

Students completing their final placement with us, and excelling with our pupils, are then eligible to apply for any vacant teaching positions at our school.  This ensures we have a pool of top candidates to fill teaching positions here at Newington Green into the future.