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Day 3 – School Musical

Day 3 – School Musical

Morning Assembly

In the morning, we had an INSPIRING assembly from Laura and Dan. They encouraged us to sing with FREEDOM. We practised what we will sing on the BIG day. Also we had fun warm-ups and the songs we sang were magical and welcoming for our circus and for us.


In the Costume Department, THEY ARE BANG ON. They are making silly costumes for the clowns and other OUSTANDING costumes. They are also organising some fabric clothes for the actors. The costumes were AMAZING. What a GREAT job they are doing.


In the Props Department, they have been making the weights for the strongman to use for the BIG performance on Friday. Also they have been creating COLOURFUL lollypops and popcorn boxes for the play. For the giddy up girls, they have a cardboard horse to use.


It has been a busy morning for the marketing team. First of all, they started to tweet many well know people listed below: Sadiq Khan, Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Johnson Ed Miliband and Piers Morgan.

We have a few quotes from the marketing department.

How has your day been?

“Amazing and fun!”


To start the day, the cast began to practise the performances and their lines. They also went over their parts. The cast also started to rehearsal our school song. We were able to get a few quotes from the members of the cast.

“It is hard because you have to smile during the song when you don’t always want to.”


The ASMS have done an exquisite job of helping out all the departments. Aisha has come round to our department and tried to answer all of our questions. They also have helped the cast with acting and their lines. We were able to get a quote from one of the ASMs, “It has been fun yet tiring.”​