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Hackney Food Bank

Hackney Food Bank

Dear all,

In the run up to Christmas Newington Green PTA thought it would be good to help our local community.

The Hackney Foodbank run a reverse advent calendar collecting food and items as well as Christmas things that will be used to help individuals and families who are really struggling over the festive season.

I’ve attached the calendar, the idea being that each day in the run-up to Christmas, you simply put one item of food into the food bank bin. It’s not exactly all the way up to Christmas as the items need to be with the Foodbank by the 16th December, but if we start this week then there should be just enough time to get as many as we can.

As well as things on the calendar, they would also be happy to receive Christmas items such as:

* Mince Pies

* Tinned Ham/Meat

* Christmas Pudding

* Christmas Cake

* Box of Biscuits

* Children’s Selection Box

* Box of Chocolates

* Toiletries