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An archive of news stories from Newington Green Primary School


Congratulations to the 39 children with 100% attendance who were invited to watch Ketsy’s Young Magicians last Monday. Ash and Palm class were also invited as they have been the best attended class for this academic year. Ash class achieved 98.3% and Palm class 97.2%….

Summer Holidays

Dear Parents, I am writing to wish you a wonderful summer holiday with your families. Please remember that school starts back on Thursday 3rd September and we look forward to welcoming you back for the beginning of a new academic year! Warm regards, Abi This week children have…

Remember to Cross Safely

It has been noted that children and their parents are not using the zebra crossing to cross Matthias road. In 2011, around 46 child pedestrians (aged 0-15) were killed or seriously injured every week in Britain. It is important that parents set a good example,…

Science Week Exhibition

Parents are invited to attend our science week exhibition on Friday 4th July from 3pm – 3:30pm. Please feel free to come along and sample some of the work the children have done along with the competition winners.

Beanstalk reading at Newington Green!

This term we are very excited to have a volunteer from the Beanstalk charity supporting reading at our school.  The aim is to focus on a child’s successes and build their reading confidence. By checking comprehension, chatting about books and playing games, the Beanstalk helper…