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Admission Criteria

Our Admission criteria can be viewed below
Our Admission criteria can be viewed below

Download Admission Criteria for Community schools

Admission Criteria to Islington Community Primary Schools: 2019/20 Applicants an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) will be admitted (via the SEN process as outlined in Section 324 of the Education Act 1996) to the school named in the EHCP.

In the event of over-subscription to a community school, the following criteria will be applied in the order listed below:

1) Looked-after children and children who have been adopted (or made subject to a child arrangements order or special guardianship order) immediately after being looked after.

2) Sibling: A sibling is defined as a brother or sister, half brother or sister, step brother or sister or adopted brother or sister whose main residence is at the same address. This criterion will apply to applicants with a sibling living at the same address who is on the roll of the preferred school (Reception Class to Year 6), or co-located Special School, at the time of proposed admission in the new academic year.

3) Exceptional Social, Medical or Special Educational Needs: The Director of Children’s Services, on an individual basis, may give priority to applicants who can demonstrate that admission to a particular school is necessary on the grounds of professionally supported exceptional medical, social or special educational needs. Parents must supply details of any such special factors at the time of the original application (together with recent supporting documentation), to enable these factors to be considered.

4) Distance: Applicants who live nearest to the preferred school. Nearness to the school will be determined by a computerised mapping system using a straight line distance measurement. Routes will be calculated from the home address (as defined by the Land & Property Gazetteer) to the midpoint of the school grounds (as determined by Islington Local Authority). Distance will be used as a tiebreaker for over-subscription criteria 1,2 and 3.

Further advice The School Admissions team will be pleased to help you and can be contacted on 020 7527 5515