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Video Permission – Get NG Moving!

Video Permission – Get NG Moving!

Dear Parents,

Due to the success of the Daily Mile launch, we would like to share Cheska’s training videos weekly and the dedication our school community is putting in to this.

Here are the links to the first three videos:

#1: Launch of Cheska’s Marathon Journey: DM_LAUNCH_SCHOOL.mp4?dl=0

#2: Launch of the Daily Mile at NGPS: CRL_2_SCHOOL.mp4?dl=0

#3: Training in Paris!

Please note: Only children with permission for school promotion are included in the video.

These videos may be used for training purposes and are going to be shared on the school’s social media, with London Marathon Events, London Borough of Islington, Mini Mermaids, The Daily Mile UK and on Cheska’s social media.

This is a very exciting time for us at Newington Green Primary School and we are looking forward to shouting about it! Already, Cheska has already raised nearly £1000 for our school community and still has 3 months left!Thank you for all of your support!